Alpine Guesthouse Älggialp

We'll be staying at the beautiful guesthouse Älggialp right next to the course. All reservations at the guesthouse are handled by the tournament organization.
Please use info (at) for all reservations, food orders and any correspondence.


Prize per person (including breakfast) 1 night 2 nights 3 nights
Nordic Comfort 65 CHF 115 CHF 155 CHF
Dormitory (sleeping bag) 40 CHF 70 CHF 92 CHF

Please note that the number of beds with Nordic Comfort are limited: there are 6 double rooms, 1 triple room and 2 rooms with 4 beds each. In addition to the two big dormitories (16 and 26 beds), there are also two small dorms with 5 and 6 beds. Reservations are handled on a first-come-frist-serve-basis. Please specify your choice and name who you wish to share the room/dorm with.

Bring your own warm sleeping bag if staying at the dormitory. Wool blankets are provided.

Juniors and students are eligible to apply for a reduced rate in the dormitory.

Unfortunately camping in tents is not allowed on Älggi Alp. There are campgrounds around lake Sarnen in Giswil and Sachseln.

Other accomodation choices nearby can be found here.


Starters Main Course Main Course Vegetarian Prize
Friday Evening Green Salad Chicken Curry with Rice Vegetable Curry with Rice 21 CHF
Saturday Lunch Green Salad Älplermagronen Älplermagronen 16 CHF
Saturday Dinner Soup Porc Roast, Potato-Gratin and Vegetables Potato-Leek-Gratin 21 CHF
Sunday Lunch Soup Beef Strips, Spaetzle and Vegetables Spaetzle and Vegetables 21 CHF

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